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College Embedded System Lab Construction Whole Solution
 1.Embedded development and demand outline
 In the past 10 years, embedded operating system obtains rapid development: Microprocessor from 8 bit to 16 bit, 32 bit even 64 bit; from supporting sole variety’s CPU chip to supporting multi-varieties; from sole kernel to besides kernel also providing other function modules, such as filing system, TCP/IP network system, window graphics system and so on; and form embedded software system which includes embedded operating system, middle software. Hardware technology's progress impelled embedded system software unceasingly to develop, running rate is quicker, support function is stronger, and application development is more convenience.
 Along with embedded system application’s unceasing embed and industrial production degree unceasing promotion, new application environment and industrial production demand bring stricter request to embedded system software. Under the new demand's impetus, embedded operating system kernel not only needs to have microminiaturization, high real time and so on essential feature, but also develops to high creditability, auto-adaptability, component module and so on direction; Support development environment will more integrated, automation, user-friendly; system software’s function support to wireless communication and energy management. In summary, no matter from teaching, scientific research or from student's actual demand and so on aspects, it is necessary to build ARM embedded application teaching laboratory. Today, embedded system has applied generally in national defense electron, digital family, industrial automation, automobile electron, medical instrument, consumption electron, wireless communication, and electrical power system and so on national economy’s main industry. Along with embedded technology's development, embedded system will widely apply in human living every aspect.

 2.Embedded system laboratory construction
 Laboratory construction including experiment environment's construction, network construction, embedded equipment construction, supporting facility construction, course content constructs and so on aspects.
 2.1hardware environment and configuration
 Windows client+Linux server’s way, speaking of the laboratory, should be the most suitable plan. Just need excessive 1 Linux server, doesn’t need special high request to client and server’s hardware request, the usual laboratory network as figure showed.

Serial number

Equipment name

Equipment description


Equipment picture



CPU Intel Xeon3.0G or above(2M buffer, supports ultra line regulation, 800MHz FSB), 2G ECC(reserves 2 or above extended memory trough), 100M/1000M network card×2 /video card / sound card/15’CRT display/800MHZ front bus/,73GSCSI,supports hard disk hotly to insert and pull out.(install legal copy Linux server version system)



Teacher machine

Intel Pentium D 945 3.4G /DDR2 667 512M/ hard disk capacity: 80G SATA / CD-ROM type:16XDVD-ROM /display type:17 inches(4:3)liquid-crystal display / integration video card / integration network card(1000M )/ software version hard disk protection card (needs to install XP and Linux system)



Student machine

Intel Celeron D 346 3.06G/DDR2 667 512M / hard disk capacity :80G SATA/ display type: 17’ CRT display / integration video card / integration network card 100M / software version hard disk protection card(needs to install XP and Linux system)



Embedded experiment system (development box)

Function as the above request(website link introduction)



Linux software

Red Hat free version



Projecting camera

DLP 3000 lumina or above, resolution is 1024×768. contrast 2000:1 or above, have double VGA input Joint, AV input. Machine is for education profession using machine or project using machine, calorific capacity is low, images and texts are clear.



Central controller

Like MC920C/integration 4 routes、VGA input /2 routes output integration television reception



Projection screen

Electromotion red leaf 120 inches (Zhangjiagang)




Samsung SCX-4200, Laser printer.



Server cabinet

42u ordinary cabinet



Power amplifier

domestically produced /100wX2(4Ω)



Sound box

domestically produced / two routes speaker(woodiness)



Wired microphone

/ acoustic fidelity is good / does not have battery have microphone card



Teaching software

Easyclass multimedia network classroom 30 user version. Suitable for window and Linux using at the same time.(or other same type product)








Huawei S1024/24口



Shop drawing

According to local laboratory’s topology(80X60)to sprinkle painting



System integration, contains tax

Teacher machine and student machine information point, embedded experiment system (development box) information point, teacher table’s system integration, power line, liansu A slot and so on(TCL system wiring)




Development system necessary experiment teaching material, experiment instruction book, teaching materials, need train to teachers.


 System requirements configuration:
 This project is mainly standard type laboratory, therefore uses the high configuration standard. According to the school request and combine our company many years design and construction experience in the domain, project using wiring is super five categories wiring product, make whole system completely content super five categories transmission performance standard, to adapt 10—15 years technological development and use request, and has openness, flexibility and expansibility.
 (3)Design proposal
 3.2 Project design outline
 According to work region's project request and the above related standard, this plan is a typical star topology system, the design proposal outline as follows:
 This plan divides into three subsystems, with management area horizontal subsystem, horizontal subsystem, work area horizontal subsystem for each part, it is star topology.
 Work area subsystem:
 Work area subsystem means the space of outside of information port, but usually be used to that work area subsystem includes telecom jack.

 Horizontal wiring subsystem:
 Horizontal wiring subsystem is joint cable between horizontal distribution frame of wiring to each work position. This project’s data point and sound point use super five categories 4 pair of UTP.
 Management area subsystem:
 Management area subsystem includes distribution frame, jump line, related active equipment (switchboard or HUB and so on).

 4.Post-sale service
 4.1 Wiring project setup and laboratory teaching equipment setup:
 Post-sale service synopsis:
 All of our company's technical personnel have pass through specialized technical training, and the majority of engineering technical personnel have Cisco、AVAYA、Microsoft® Windows、NEC and so on international vulgate authentication, therefore they are technical personnel who can debugging network, digital integration switchboard, CTI, switchboard auxiliary equipment and so on products. Our company has technical design personnel who have many years comprehensive wiring experience, has special post-sale service maintenance department, they will at any moment give the system best technical support and service.
 In order to enable the system to move smoothly, we will provide the following technical support and post-sale service to the user:
 In setting and debugging process, keep improving; serious and conscientious; do one’s best to perfect
 Lifelong free explain your technical consultation
 Do the most prompt response
 Our company provides 1 year warranty period for the user
 In the warranty period, as a result of our product quality's malfunction, our company will give the unconditional replacement; after the warranty period, all of broken component, our company will provides preferential factory price fittings.
 When the equipment appears inextricability malfunction, our company provides free spare machine, will arrive to solve in  6 hours from receive the telephone
 when system upgrade, enlarge, adding function, our company’s product information will be provided to the user to choose, and guarantee that give preferential price to the original user.
 4.2 Post-sale service system  
 National 24-hour-service center
 24-hour-service hotline:+8620-32068395
 Service area: Mainland China
 Scene answer time:
 Guangzhou company locus: generic malfunction: 8 hours
 Urgent malfunction: 3 hours
 Other cities:Regards the actual situation to decide, at least in 1 week
 Telephone answer time
 Immediately answer(Guangzhou 24-hour-service center——national user)
 Urgent malfunction and non-urgent malfunction’s definition:
 A. Urgent malfunction’s definition:
 1. System engine off;
 2. Continuously initializes ; (>10 /day)
 3. Data special line, relaying line completely sever(suitable for program controlled switch and data special line)
 4. above 25% using the electric circuit go wrong;
 B. General malfunction, malfunction except for urgent malfunction.
 Post-sale service flow chart:

 Post-sale service policy:
 Warranty period: 3 years (when equipment setting and debugging finish,the date of check and acceptance)
 5.Typical case
 • Private Hualian University
 • Nanhai Neusoft Institute of Information
 • Guangdong Peizheng College

(Special details also can arrive Guangzhou Guangdong Province embedded software technology center sense investigation, concrete introduction as follows)
 PC machine software configuration
 Win2000/XPoperating system; red flag Linux operating system
 Red Hat Linux9 operating system/ Debian Linux operating system; LINUX use legal copy server version software.
 6.GEC training introduction

 Offering courses(detailed introduction land to demand)
 • ARM9 principle and driven development authentication actual combat class
 • Embedded Linux development employment training class
 • Embedded Linux system development class
 • Embedded linux software engineer class
 • Linux kernel development class
 • Linux programming in C training class
 • WinCE authentication actual combat class
 • Embedded linux basic class
 • Embedded Linux development and transplantbased on ARM
 6.2 Training authentication

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